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Frank Koene recording sessions (cd) incl verzending binnen Nederland


‘Recording Sessions’ is an exciting compilation of music composed by Frank Koene and made especially for the website recorded.nl. 22 musicians added their own interpretations to the titles throughout the sessions on the CD. Each session is in itself an individual creative musical project. Most sessions, for example Spinach,You bark I bite, along with other tracks,
were recorded live in the studio without any prior rehearsal. The live studio sessions were then mixed and produced by Frank Koene. Other sessions on this CD, such as Hitchhike to Senegal and A French Latin for Betty took on a different form, whereby Frank first laid down basic tracks (bass, piano and guitars) and then invited other musicians to
come in and play their parts. Ben Son Mosquito was recorded as a live session on location. Catch the songo train is from an earlier solo project that formed the creative basis for the recorded.nl website. Frank and his fellow musicians all hope you enjoy the music.

Thanks to

Joost Janssen Jo Stevens and Jos Koene
In memory of Jean


Prijs per cd Recording Sessions 15,99 excl BTW en verzending binnen Nederland.


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